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Fill your Old-School Essentials role-playing game with four new tales of weirdness and whimsy. Wyvern Songs is an anthology of original adventures written by Brad Kerr (Hideous Daylight, Temple of 1000 Swords). Drop one into an ongoing campaign, run one as a one-shot, or mash them together in a fantasy sandbox with the included hex map.

Featuring art by Matt Stikker, Sam Mameli, Amanda Lee Franck, Tyler Smith Owings, and Will Perkins. Each adventure features a map lavishly illustrated by Rob Matthews.

Includes the following original adventures:


Character level: 1. An introductory adventure for both new players and Old-School veterans alike. Explore an insect-haunted thieves guild secreted beneath a lighthouse. Claim the abandoned loot but beware the Skitterlord!


 Character levels: 2-4. Solve the puzzles in a flying, malfunctioning wizard’s workshop before it crashes to the ground. The sequel to Hideous Daylight.


Character levels: 3-5. Investigate a mystical valley where stones can speak and monsters roam.


Character levels: 5-6. Infiltrate a volcano full of monsters and stop them from constructing a dream-eating chaos god out of garbage.


112 pages, A5 (148 × 210 millimeters or 5.83 × 8.27 inches). Includes hi-definition map files for use with VTT.

Print on demand versions available from from Lulu and DriveThruRPG.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorBrad Kerr
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbx, Fantasy, module, old-school-essentials, ose, OSR, role-playing-game


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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Are we going to get a black friday sale? looking to pick up all your adventures Brad!

Yes! Check back tomorrow.

Hi Brad,

Picked up a copy a couple weeks ago on DriveThru and am eager to run Peacock Point as a starter adventure for my group using a different system when they take a break from the current campaign.

Had an inquiry for you though:  I had considered using Barglobax and possibly a couple other names from the adventure in future things I might distribute as CC BY materials.  But if you prefer specific names or concepts from your work not be shared in this way, then I will not do so.

Just wanted to check in with you to get your feeling on the subject.

Great work. I would like to get the POd from Lulu. Is there available yet?


I'm waiting on the proof! It should arrive within the next day or two. Hopefully it will be live soon.


Thanks, from Europe Lulu is the best option


Lulu version is live! If you forward me a Lulu sales confirmation to bradleykerr @ gmail.com I'll send you a download code for the PDF.